Pro-Communist Confucius Institutes a ‘Spy Center’ and ‘Dangerous’ Says Expert

Confucius Institutes are a non-profit public education organization that partners with universities and schools around the world in a bid to promote Chinese language and culture.

However, the aim of the institutes, which are a part of China’s Ministry of Education, have been plagued by concerns ranging from human rights violations, financial incentives and censored content to national security and espionage.

The Epoch Times sat down with Göran Lindblad, former vice president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and a former Swedish Parliament member, to talk about some of the controversy surrounding Confucius Institutes and the strategies the Chinese Communist Party uses to infiltrate western organizations.

Mr Lindblad also serves as President of the Platform of European Memory and Conscience a non-governmental organization active in research, documentation, education, and raising awareness about totalitarian regimes.

Produced by Gina Shakespeare, Alexander Nilsen & Louise Stevanovic