National Sovereignty Is National Security

National Sovereignty Is National Security
A border patrol agent listens to radio chatter at the border wall near San Diego, Calif., on May 31, 2023. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)
Christian Milord
Commentary Commonsense Americans have probably lost count of how often the Biden administration has misled them regarding our Southern border insecurity. One wonders how many officials at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have spent quality time at the four border states to experience realities on the ground. Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas keeps assuring us that the border is secure. Try telling that to the ranchers and all the border cities and towns in Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas. In an Orange County Register opinion column on Sept. 10, James Doti, president emeritus of Chapman University, penned an article in favor of opening the border completely for two-way travel moving north and south. The  headline read, “U.S.-Mexico border: Open it.” In a dangerous world, it's mind-boggling to comprehend how such an educated and experienced professor could propose something this ludicrous. If every person were self-governing with a code of ethics and understood the principles of liberty, Mr. Doti’s vision might make sense. However, we live in the real world of arms, drugs, and human traffickers, along with an array of opportunists who seek to take what they can get from a generous nation. Mr. Doti’s libertarian approach flies in the face of harsh realities, while he makes no distinction between legal or illegal immigration. One can understand American sympathies for folks around the globe who seek asylum to escape tyranny in Afghanistan, Syria, or Ukraine, but to allow unvetted migrants to stream into the United States through the back door merely for economic opportunity is morally unsound. Open border advocates claim that these migrants want to work and improve their lives. Don’t most folks want to do that? Isn’t it better to pursue one’s dreams as a citizen or legal immigrant? Now that millions of illegal immigrants have poured through the border, every state has had to bear the burden via tax-funded handouts to migrants. The Democrats who once embraced illegal immigration with open arms are now hyperventilating because their sanctuary cities can’t handle the influx. Since the sun set on Title 42 earlier this year, border arrests have increased, but so have the got-aways who arrive from all corners of the globe. Several media outlets have reported that the federal government has no idea where close to 200,000 got-aways are within the United States. In a prior Epoch Times commentary in May, I predicted a similar outcome. In a recent Orange County Register op-ed, political consultant Doug Schoen referred to the immigration crisis as the Achilles heel of President Joe Biden. Mr. Schoen is likely spot-on in his assessment, because border insecurity is an all-American issue. However, the Democrats are attempting to frame the issue as rocket science when there are a number of simple solutions to illegal migration. First, hire more Customs and Border Patrol agents to cope with the flood of migrants. At the same time, complete the border barrier that President Donald Trump started, and increase the digital barrier with intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities to assist Border Patrol agents. This could reduce the number of unaccompanied minors slipping in and allow entry only at checkpoints. Former DHS special agent Tim Ballard, along with several nonprofits, has pushed Congress to pass the Secure Act, which would protect minors from the predatory cartels and other human traffickers. Mr. Ballard’s work has been vividly portrayed in the film “Sound of Freedom.” Second, while more Border Patrol agents are being trained and added to the force, utilize the state National Guard to deal with cartel intrusions on our side of the border. Redirect unspent COVID funds and Ukraine aid to bolster border security. We cannot allow the cartels to make a fortune with their drug smuggling and human trafficking lawlessness. The Mexican cartels are exploiting and killing too many Americans and migrants. Third, instead of swallowing the asylum mantra, rigorously vet each interdicted migrant for health and security risks and turn back anyone who doesn’t pass the test. Far too many of these migrants are young men without any ID, which makes one speculate how many criminals or terrorists are in this bunch. Moreover, many of these migrants come from nations that are hostile to the United States and other Western democracies. If they break basic laws of entry, how many other laws will they ignore to cheat their way into permanent residency with fraudulent documents? What is the point of moving to the United States if they refuse to assimilate lawfully? Fourth, as the border is beefed up, expedite the process of legal immigration for those who adhere to a legal process and patiently wait to be processed by Customs and Immigration Services. If they follow the rules, they already are beginning to understand civil rights under the rule of law. Folks who do the right thing should get first preference in the immigration process. Fifth, end the policy of chain migration. Merely the fact that one’s relatives are residing in the United States doesn’t mean that other family members or cousins should automatically be handed a ticket to the land of opportunity. A process of thorough vetting must be undertaken coupled with appropriate waiting periods. Sixth, Customs and Immigration needs to identify and monitor students and tourists who have overstayed their visas and handle them on a case-by-case basis. Seventh, begin to de-couple or de-risk from the People’s Republic of China. This insidious regime exports fentanyl precursors to Mexico, where the cartels manufacture it and distribute it to the United States and other countries. The Chinese Communist Party is using hybrid warfare and spies inside the United States to subvert liberty, the rule of law, and national security. Finally, the primary role of the federal government is to defend liberty and keep the United States safe by enforcing laws already in the books. By failing to uphold these principles, the Biden administration is guilty of dereliction of duty. Mr. Biden’s porous border exacerbates national insecurity, while strengthening border sovereignty will enhance national security. Entertainer Jack Paar once said, “Immigration is the sincerest form of flattery.” Let’s hope he meant legal immigration.
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Christian Milord is an Orange County, California-based educator, U.S. Coast Guard veteran, and writer. He graduated from the University of Winnipeg and received his M.S. in education administration at California State University–Fullerton (CSUF). He mentors students at CSUF and participates in library literacy programs.